Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rachel's Angry Birds ='.'=

Good MorNight!

My God-daughter, Miss Rachel turned 16 this August & I have not seen her like since forever. & I heard she would be in town for her surprise birthday party.

So I asked her mom what kinds of things would she like for her birthday. Whoo-hoo! As fate would have it, she has not ordered a cake yet. Although I've been very busy with "life", how could I resist this privilege. I've been MIA with most of my GD's life that I am super honored to bake & create something for her. According to the mom (Ate Rhizza) & her auntie (Ate Cyndi), Rachel doesn't like pink or Sanrio characters & that her favorite color is blue & loves chocolate. WHAT!?! So I pondered for a while and remembered that she "liked" my Angry Bird sugar cookies that I posted on FB. I decided to make her what I thought would be a great idea. Create a Rachel bird & use that for the cake.

When I had asked the hubby, what he thought of the sketch, he thought it looked great, but I wasn't happy with it at all. So I just started to play with fondant. & the 1st cake looked like this:

Then when I placed it in the fridge, the fondant & whipped cream frosting got ANGRY with one another & it bled&pooled&uglied together. The Rachel bird- didn't look angry at all, she looked scared & almost timid.

So the following day, I woke up super early to bake another cake. But first, here is a picture of the many pigs, that hubby requested I make.

& the final cake. It wouldn't be complete without Hello Kitty & a Pink Balloon to show my God-Daughter that HK/Sanrio & Pink is super cute, & I love to incorporate that into almost everything I make.

I know, I didn't learn my lesson with this cake, as you will see in the following pictures (Re: the fondant & whipped cream frosting combo).  So, I waited till the very last minute to put on the fondant deco, before delivering the cake in hopes that it could survive the party.

Not only did the fondant melt, but apparently the cake shifted in the box too.  :C

See that GORGEOUS smile!!!

Mission accomplished, my GD loved it! ==> My heart is super happy! :D

 & again I say Good MorNight!  ='.'=


  1. Happy birthday to your god-daughter. Sixteen is such a fun age. Sorry you had so much trouble with the cakes, but they look wonderful to me! Looks like the recipient thought so too.

  2. Man your cakes look hardcore! What a lucky god-daughter.

  3. I have been having a lot of trouble posting comments on my blogs. Thank you Tina & D for such encouraging words. Tina- I can't wait to bake some of your recipes, they look sooooo good. D- you have my number. LOL!