Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dre's CUPCAKE cake ='.'=

Happy Hump Day! & Happy Birthday to my husband of many years.

If you live in San Diego (TODAY), then you know that the past few days were HOT & humid, rainy, sunny, cloudy, & just weird. The last post asked for cake ideas for Dre's next cake. NO ONE RESPONDED (that's cool), but I've been so busy the past few days that I used Wilton's Giant Cupcake Pan for Dre's cake. I asked him if he wanted anything special this year, but he didn't even care for cake. He just wanted it to be a day where he could do anything he wanted. So... last night I baked the cake and cupcakes so I could decorate it this morning. But since it was his birthday, I was able to sneak in a bit of baking & decorating while he slept in. In between dropping of my son & combination of being groggy/tired, I decorated the cake like this:

The candy letter picks started to soften and melt. So I added tooth picks to hold them up and looked at the cake and thought maybe add some sprinkles:

It needed something more, but I didn't have extra time to make additional edible decorations because we had a reservation at Lucha Libre's Champions' Booth for lunch @ eleven am. So then:

After a few more minutes the letters "HAPPY" started to break off and fall into the cake so then:

I removed the "HAPPY" and found a fondant heart and wrote "Happy B-Day" using Americolor gourmet color in black. But when we got back from lunch, the "BIRTHDAY" also fell apart and was too soft to manage, so then:

I decided to scrape all the frosting from the cupcakes and whip it with the candy melt letters to make the chocolate frosting instead. & My HK wobble toy slid off because the frostng ontop was too slippery & could not support the toy any longer. So I just made a blue HK candy melt topper instead. I also added Wilton candy pearls in SD Charger colors to match the cake.

We did so much running around today that we did not even sing, take pics with, and cut the cake. Peer into a few of the things we ate today:

I would like to say Happy Birthday to: my love, Andretti; Regina (Ayden's Ninang); Benedict (Ayden's Ninong) & Benjamin (Ayden's Tito). BTW, sign up for Benihana's Birthday Special, they send you an e-mail and you save THIRTY bones near/on/around your birthday. Good night & God bless us all. ='.'=


  1. Sorry for not adding any ideas. As far as cake goes, I only care if it is delicious and since you made it, I'm sure it's the tastiest.

    Damn... the pictures are making me hooongry.

  2. Happy birthday to your hubby! The cake and cupcake idea was very creative. Your that third picture is stunning, even if the decorations did not stand the test of time. Looks like everyone enjoyed that special day and I am sure the cake/cupcakes as well.

  3. Rengirl- you're too sweet. :D I wish we can bake together, I would love to see some of your artworks on a cake. Tina- We sure did! I think we enjoyed the day too much & nice to finally be able to comment back. Thank you.