Friday, September 2, 2011

Hubby's Birthday Month ='.'=

I've been married for a decade now this year. So I would like to introduce my better half in ICE CREAM CAKE form. He loves The San Diego SUPER Chargers, Ice Cream, Vanilla Pound Cake, & Hello Kitty (I mean ME) so this is what I came up with.

I used Wilton Cookie Cutters for the football & helmet ( inspired this), Cricut Cake for the Hello Kitty. Circle Cutters in different sizes for his name plaque & Charger Bolt (cut slits & lighting-bolt effect using a paring knife).

Before slicing the cake, Andretti took a bite out of HK's poor head. He even placed it back on the cake just to make me cry.  :`C   What a meanie, but since it was his birthday & it was his cake, he can do "whateva" he wanted.  If you read  then you know exactly what that meant.

Slicing the cake was the HARD part. It was frozen solid. Bwahahaha (in my cynical laugh)!!! We had to dip the knife in very hot water multiple times. After a grueling five minutes and a lot of sweat and impatience appears two layers of plain vanilla pound cake. Plain-of course not, I added food coloring to make it rainbow & colorful.
My son, Ayden, my sou chef, the strawberry crazed kid picked strawberry ice cream to sandwich the layers together. I frosted the cake with my secret combo of Cool Whip & buttercream icing to finish & dazzle the frozen cake. Maybe I'll share that in a future post. Tee hee!

Rainbow Vanilla Pound Cake, just toooooo cute, even the husband was surprised.

It doesn't look too appetizing in this photo.
Looks more like melted crayons (I use to melt crayons & almost burned the house down... let's not get into too much details about that & I hope mom & dad or Kuya doesn't read this one. LOL!)

Too bad we couldn't add the candles, the hard as a rock, frozen solid layers would not allow for it. & since this cake was last year's cake. Does anyone have any suggestions for his upcoming birthday? I give you 5 days to help me out.  & yes, this is how they really look. :D My boys are FUNny.  ='.'=

Whew! This post wasn't so hard to do. Thank GOD for all the old pictures saved on


  1. Keep it coming Mags! Your posts are very entertaining.

  2. I just realized I've yet to write about this cake. LOL
    You did an awesome job Maggie :-)

  3. Ate Marie- Glad to see you on Blogger, hope to read some of yours soon. Ate RC- Hope I get my big break too. Hehe.