Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oreos & Hello Kitty & Valentine's Day =•.•=

You can make these anytime. For yourself, for hubsters, girlfriend, boyfriend, kiddos. Anyone!!!

What you'll need:
Cookie cutters
Paring knife or Exacto knife
Sprinkles (hearts, confetti, jimmies) etc.
Oreos or JoeJoes (any variety of colors are fun)

Carefully twist off one side of the cookie sandwich.
Using the cookie with the cream still intact, carefully imprint the cutter into the cream (try not to crack the cookie- be gentle). <\3
Carefully scrape off the unwanted cream away from the intended image.
Carefully lift the cookie cutter.
You may garnish with the sprinkles as pictured or just your imagination.

Notice all the "carefully" words I typed? Have a blessed Valentine's Day!

You can watch this on YouTube or on Vine:
MaggieMae on YouTube
MaedByMaggie on the Vine app.

"We Love HIM because He first Loved us".

Pictures of my Valentine's Day!- Blessed

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